Friday, March 8, 2013

Pinterest - Pinteresting results

So I thought I would try something new today and if you all like it I'll do it more often.  

I have a Pinterest account.  I really enjoy looking at photos of nature, getting great decorating and recipe ideas, and seeing new crafting techniques.  Do you have a Pinterest account? Do you pin all this great stuff, but rarely do anything with the pins?  Do you try any of the recipes? Try any of the new craft techniques?  

I'm not a complete dud.  I do some of the things I pin, but I really would like to do more and this may be a way to accomplish that.  So I thought I would choose a pin every once in a while and do it (whatever it may be) and then let you know how it worked out here on my Blog.

So my first "Pinteresting result" was on a pin I tried yesterday.  
This original Pin came from Alex in Arizona from Tumblr.

I have a board called "Work out your Stress" where I pin different workouts I want to try.  I have never tried ANY of them until yesterday when I tried out this little beauty.  

I went through the circuit 3 times while wearing my heart rate monitor.  I will admit that I could not do a Wall sit for a whole minute.  I got about 35 seconds and then could not hold it any more.  It took me about 27 min, to do the whole thing 3 times and I burned about 220 calories, and was sweating pretty good when I was done.  

Today I am really feeling it!  My legs and arms are hurting which tells me that I worked some new muscles other than the ones I work while spinning.  I would definitely do this again, but I don't think I can do the Burpees as my back is hurting a bit today.  If you're looking for something quick that will produce results if you do it on a regular basis, I would recommend giving this workout a try.

If you'd like to see any of my other boards on Pinterest just follow me there at Heathers Meadow.  You'll find many pins relating to Tranquility, Relieving Stress, and living a more peaceful life. 

Peace Out  : )


  1. You need to show me how to use interest:)
    I think I am signed up?

  2. I love Pinterest - there are some great ideas on there - I have several boards also:-)