Monday, March 4, 2013

A Stress Free Breakfast

I know I said that I would share recipes with you on this blog so this morning I am going to share with you an super stress free breakfast that is also healthy.

Okay so at first glance you're probably looking at this photo and saying to yourself... "Are those M & M's on that?"  We'll technically they are NOT M&M's, according to the package they are "Candy coated chocolate pieces".  
What can I say? I love to have a bit of sweet in the morning, and in my defense the package does say "Simple, Wholesome, Delicious" on it.

  In all seriousness I must confess that 3 years ago I was way overweight for my comfort and I began "spinning" at my local gym. Spinning; in case you didn't know is cycling on a stationary bike with other folks while listening to music.   I also became much more aware of what I was eating, and within a year I had lost 35 pounds and was down to the weight I was when I was in High-school.  

What I learned was that I could eat most if the things I still loved as long as I did it in moderation along with a regular work out routine. So my stress free breakfast recipe is this:  

1 piece of fruit (I usually choose Honeycrisp apple or banana)
1 container (6 oz.) of Greek yogurt
 and 1/4 cup of your favorite trail mix

  Simply layer it in a bowl like a parfait and there you have it. A simple stress free breakfast. 
 The calories in this breakfast are about 400 and would be less with the apple.  

I typically eat this after my workout. I hope you like the idea and look forward to hearing what you all think.  

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