Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Discover Me Wednesday

Oh my GOSH!!! Wait until you see what I discovered today. The meadow is teaming with fairies and elves and I needed to find some lovely little houses for them. While looking for some on ETSY I found this fantastic shop called Suzannes's Pottery Farm. Suzanne is a self taught left handed potter located in West Salem, Ohio whose lovely creations are all made by hand on a pottery wheel. Be sure to check out her profile for a great story about the interesting potters wheel that she learned to throw clay on. She uses five different types of clay in her art. The clays include Raku, Porcelain and 3 colors of stoneware. One photo of these adorable little houses was all it took for me to fall in love. Here are several for you to admire with links to Suzanne's ETSY shop so that if you find yourself just having to own one you can go get it immediately! Enjoy.

This trio of fairy houses include 2 cottage style homes and a flower house. Wouldn't they look great in your garden?

This little speckled beauty is large enough to fit a tealight and would make a fabulous outdoor luminary or nightlight in your house.

This adorable little pumpkin house is the perfect residence for any fairy in your area.

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