Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Discover Me Wednesday

This Wednesday is a little overcast and gray. We are expecting rain, but I think I have discovered the perfect artist on ETSY to brighten your day. Julie is the proprietor of jcallison on Etsy and resides in Hamilton, Montana. She is a photographer/artist who takes beautiful photographs of the world around her as she sees it through the lense of a camera. Enjoy the following photos and please visit Julies shop on Etsy to see more.

This gorgeous photo is called "Falling into Spring" . Just looking at it gives me a feeling of calm. I can just smell the sunshine on the cherry blossoms, and hear the bees buzzing as I walk through the meadow.

"Just before Dawn" is a photo that makes me want to set the alarm for 5 am so that I can witness this beauty to begin every day of my life. I am inspired to create something Blue.

Imagine you are laying in the grass here at the meadow with your eyes closed, the sun on your face, and the smell of lavender in your nose. As you turn your head and look over you catch the magical sight of a "delicate dandelion fluff caught on the grass". It's the little things that never cease to amaze me.

My favorite photo in the collection available for sale in Julies shop jcallison is this one titled "Fairy Umbrella". I can just imagine walking through the meadow with a light mist coming down around me and discovering this beautiful little blue flower with a pretty little fairy hiding underneath to keep her delicate wings dry. The photo is stunning, the colors are rich and it has been made to look like a vintage print. Absolutely fantastic!

All of Julies photos are signed and ready for matting and framing. They are professionally printed on archival, acid free matte paper, with professional inks. She is also accommodating with changing the print size and photo paper if you prefer something other than what she has listed in her shop. Be sure to visit Julies shop today and tell her you found her in Heathers Meadow on Blogger.

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  1. beautiful photographer honey! can't wait to see this week's featured artist!

    siempre- dorana