Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Into the Trees

As I drive down the roads in my town and the surrounding areas, I find myself looking into the forests and woods that I am swiftly passing by in my car. Along the edge of the road there is a blur of wildflowers. Blue Cornflowers, White Daisy's, Queen Ann's Lace, Orange Tiger Lilys, and little purple flowers whose name I do not know. I catch glimpses of fallen trees and baby pines among the saplings and majestic elder trees that grow just inside the curtain of leaves at the edge.
I can envision all types of life that must be carrying on in these forests. Momma bear is teaching her twins the dangers of crossing the road to get to the river for an evening drink and dinner of wild raspberries that grow there.The beaver family is busy slapping together a home made of mud and freshly cut trees with their flat tails.
Chickadee parents are teaching their babies to fly.

Does, Bucks and Fawns are having an afternoon snack of Birch Tree bark, and squirrels are scurrying about their work of forever preparing for the long cold winter ahead that I am not even thinking about on this hot August day.
Then there is the forest world of my imagination. A forest where fairy families build their homes among the roots of the trees that are so plentiful. Where fairy ladies are sewing new clothing out of Black Eyed Susan petals. Fairy men are out risking their lives for a bit of stolen honey from the local honey bee hive. Then there are the fairy children. They are happily chasing dragonflies and building forts to play in among the toadstools that grow low to the ground.

This is is the world that I often dream about and wish that I could escape to as I am driving to the next destination on my list of errands that must be run.
For now I will have to daydream but who knows what I will find in the forest when I pull the car over, step off the road, through the wildflowers and into the trees.

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