Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Discover Me Wednesday

So if you've been spending time here in the Meadow, then you know that fairies and elves abound here. I am always on the lookout for little homes or things to decorate the meadow with. I was searching ETSY for "terrariums" and discovered this fantastic shop called Betty's Fantasy .

Jessica is the talented artist who creates these little fantasy worlds. Her inspiration is her Grandma Betty.

"Betty was a sweet little lady, the kindest little Grandma you could imagine. With her little rosy cheeks and pink sweaters, she was simply angelic~ She now lives in the clouds in a beautiful little house where she makes her famous chicken soup all day and waits patiently for everyone to come for dinner. In the meantime, her Granddaughter has built a little shop in her memory and hopes it makes her proud~" (direct quote from the Betty's Fantasy profile page).

My Grammy sounds a lot like Jessica's Grandma Betty. Grammy passed away when I was 25, but it seems that I was the one person in the family who was born with her eye for all things creative.

Jessica has an obvious eye for detail and all the items in her shop will instantly transport you into a world where fairies roam, hummingbirds hum, and deer and other creatures can be your friend. This shop is a perfect addition to the Discover me Wednesday family. Every whimsical piece is a one of a kind creation that will bring the beauty of nature and imagination into your home.

Once you are done looking at all of the fantastic details of each item in Jessica's shop, you can visit her Blog for beautiful pictures, crafty tutorials, and fun stories that will make you laugh out loud, and inspire you to
create something magical yourself.

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  1. These are absolutly precious. I adore them all.