Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Discover Me Wednesday

Today was the first day of school for my kids.  After they got on the bus this morning and I sat down with my cup of coffee in my quiet home, I began to think about what I might like to focus on for this weeks Discover Me Wednesday.  When looking for artists to feature here in the Meadow, I usually start with how I am feeling at the moment and then use those key words to poke around on Etsy and Artfire to find things that interest me.  

Cup of coffee in hand I began searching out words like "peaceful", "calm", and "quiet".   I just wasn't feeling it!  No matter how I tried to enjoy the "peaceful, calm, and quiet" house....I missed my boys and the chaos that they bring to my everyday life in the summer.  My mind went to what they would be doing today at school.  After some thought and a few more word searches, I came up with the word "apple".  As in and apple for the teacher.  

I found some wonderfully delicious smelling, tasting and beautiful finds.  The first shop is on Etsy and is called Let them eat pie.  The shop owner Paige is from DeKalb, Illinois and started making her gourmet pies in a jar while attending Law School.  When choosing shops that sell food I try to pick ones that have a very high positive feedback.  Paige's shop has 100% feedback.  You can find Paige on Facebook at Let them eat Pie.

Lauren Miller is the owner of the next shop I would like to share with you.  He ship is called Sunbasilgarden Soaps.  These are the most amazing soaps you will ever see.  I have loved this shop for a very long time and I hope you will stop by and check it out for yourself.  You can also find Lauren at her blog Sunbasilgarden, or her Sunbasilgarden Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter at Sunbasilgarden.
YES!!!  This is soap!!!

Caramel Apple with Belgian Chocolate, Cinnamon sugar and Pecans
The last shop I would like to share with you makes the most wonderful handmade treats you will ever taste!  The name of the shop is Nicole's Handmade Treats  and the proprietor Niki creates all of her confections out of her kitchen in Syracuse, New York.  I can tell you from personal experience that her giant candy covered apples are AMAZING!  Each one serves 4 people, but if I were you I wouldn't share!!  I have had a few other treats from Niki's shop and everything is fantastic and totally indulgent.  You can also find Niki at her Blog;  , or Facebook at Nicoles Handmade Treats, or you can follow her on Twitter at Nikid .


  1. Congrats on the first day of school! And the me time :) I really appreciate you including Sunbasilgarden Soaps on your blog too :::)) Here is to a great new year.

  2. Heather: THANK YOU! Great feature and I am happy to be included! Both my kids are in school as off Tuesday - I do not know what to do with myself!! (well.... not really!)

  3. So glad to have you here ladies. I hope to be a little more "crafty" next time I get some "me" time instead of running around doing errands like I ended up doing right after I finished this Blog post! : )

  4. Thanks so much for writing such a great review of my pies Heather! I'll be sure to check back here regularly!
    Love those soaps, I bet people get confused and think they are food (people think my pies are candles all the time!)
    And those amazing apples have been in lots of treasuries with me and I always drool over them.
    Great company!